I-MOVERS Team during the benchmarking activity conducted at the Mandaluyong Public Market.

I-MOVERS Team conducts assessment and market rounds at the Cauayan City Public market.

With the collaborative efforts of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Local Government Units of Cauayan City and Santiago City and other government and private agencies, the Improved Market Operations for Vigilant, Efficient and Responsive Services (I-MOVERS) Project of DTI a market assessment was successfully conducted in the public markets of Cauayan City and Santiago City on July 24, 2015 and July 28, 2015 respectively.

The I-MOVERS Project aims to improve the operation and services of public markets in the region promoting a more consumer friendly and well regulated public market.

The project comprises of the following major components 1.) a green or nature friendly market, 2.) a consumer friendly market 3.) an honest traders compliant with all Fair Trade Laws and with other consumer related laws.

An I-MOVERS Project Team was organized composed of representatives from the local and national agencies and some private organizations tasked to implement and ensure the sustainability of the project.

Santiago Federation of Market Vendors Association (SAFEVAMA) also joined in the I-MOVERS project team.

On June 2-5, 2015, the I-MOVERS Project Team of the two (2) pilot cities,  Cauayan City and Santiago City went on a benchmarking activity to learn the best practices of the public market of Marikina City and Mandaluyong City as well as in the Farmer’s Market in Metro Manila, known to have a well-established and progressive public market.

A Market Standards monitoring Checklist covering all aspects of a well-established and regulated market was developed and used during the market assessment conducted in Cauayan City last July 24, 2015 a and in Santiago City public market on July 28,2015.

Result of the assessment shows that the two (2) public markets still need improvement particularly in the cleanliness, sanitation, security, orderliness and waste management, among others.

The project is envisioned to be implemented in all public markets in the region.


The I-MOVERS Project is the Re-Entry Project of Ms. Linda Tan, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist, under the Public Management Development Program – Development Academy of the Philippines (PMDP-DAP)