Mr. Jonathan Gato discusses accreditation with a shop owner.

Through a series of orientation and follow up transactions done by Jonathan C. Gato, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist (STIDS), Jojo A. Jose Motors of Basco, Batanes was successfully awarded with a One-Star Shop Certificate last July 6, 2015.

Jojo A. Jose Motors is the only Honda Accredited Service and Repair Shop in Batanes. It is owned by Josefino A. Jose who had been in the business for a significant number of years. He said that getting his service and repair shop accredited by DTI would greatly help in improving its credentials and it could mean more business opportunities for him especially with government agencies.

Four (4) other service and repair shops were accredited and were awarded a One-Star Shop category type, as follows:

·         R.A. Electronics, Appliance service and repair shop.

·         J-TECH Trading, Computer and Gadget service and repair shop.

·         De la Cruz Welding and Repair Shop, Vehicle service and repair shop.

·         Tripple 11 Motor Parts Accessories and Services, Vehicle service and repair shop.


According to Gato, the accreditation is a plus factor for these repair shops because it increases their market acceptability and promotes their shops to more clients.