Sta. Teresita Mayor Lolita Garcia (left) discusses the 4th National Ecotourism Festival now Namunit Festivalduring the Tipon - Tipan sa PIA.

The Tipon - Tipan sa PIA featured the local government of Sta. Teresita town with Mayor Lolita Garcia as it celebrates its 4th National Ecotourism Festival now Namunit Festival with the theme "Exploring Sta. Teresita Caves Towards Environment Protection and Preservation" on February 17, 2016.

Ms. Marivic Y. Calvo, TIDS-DTI discussed the role of the DTI particularly in mounting the trade fair, component of the 4th National Ecotourism Festival which will be held on February 24-28, 2016. 

Mayor Garcia showed to the members of the media the customized machine used to process "Bakong" plant as raw materials in creating various home and furniture accessories.

The bakong plant (Hanguana malayana) abundantly grows in the surrounding areas of  Bangalao Lake and is used in making handicraftslike baskets, handmade paper, gift items, and other housewares.

DTI provides assistance in developing the potential of the bakong plant through the provision of shared service facilities, skills trainings, product development by the Design Center of the Philippines.