(Center) Mr. Gerry O’ Connor, VA CESO discusses his observations and findings on the recently conducted Business Diagnostics and Assessments on eight (8) SSF projects in Nueva Vizcaya.

On February 22 to March 3, 2016, Mr. Gerry O’ Connor, Canadian Executive Service Organization Volunteer Adviser conducted a business diagnosis and assessment to eight (8) identified SSF Projects in Nueva Vizcaya.

The assessment aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the SSF enterprises and to evaluate the utilization of the SSF equipment, manpower, project management as well as the implementation of business plans and its processes.

Status of the enterprises were assessed and categorized into four (4) levels namely: Level 1: Manual Tasks Automated; Level 2: Productivity/Efficiency Gains; Level 3: Strong Organization with Sustained Business Growth; and Level 4 Ultimate Success/Profitable SSF Projects.

Among the SSF co-operators assessed were Alfonso Castaneda Processors Association, Darapidap Auto Saving Group, Quezon Furniture, Greeners Association for Development, La Vista Women Workers Association, Malabing Literacy and Credit Organization, Kalahan Educational Foundations Inc., and the Kayapa Loom Weavers Association.

On March 4, 2016 During the exit conference, some of the recommendations he raised  to address the audit findings were 1.) establishment of DTI-SSF Business Advisory Consulting Services which shall provide high quality central business advisory and consulting support to business organizations for a designated program module; 2.) Integration of  Universities and Colleges by adopting SME-Consultancy curriculum and Job-Training Programs which shall provide the faculty and students with excellent and practical “hands-on” case studies in key areas of marketing, finance and accounting, business planning project management and technology utilization;3.) Involvement of seasoned and experienced business leaders with relevant industry experience and 4.) Establishment of a Manila-based Region 02 Enterprise Trade Center or Nueva Vizcaya Enterprise Trade Center who shall be responsible in brand development of products and services; central networking and trade promotion; and generation of marketing intelligence, trends and development for Nueva Vizcaya products.

In attendance during the exit conference were representatives from the Universities and Colleges of Nueva Vizcaya, some National Government Agencies and identified SSF Co-operators.

Mr. O’ Connor said that in attaining sustained success and profitable enterprise, full commitment and dedication of the SSF Beneficiary Co-operators are needed.


He encouraged the participants to take active part in the performance of their duties as well as to maximize the use of the resources and services available to growth and development of SMEs in the province.