• No. 1 fruit exported internationally
  • Staple/substitute food in many developing countries
  • 80-90% of land areas planted to banana in the Philippines is cultivated by small farmes
  • Significant product varieties of the industry are Cardaba (Saba) for Banana chips as export, Latundan and Lakatan, largely for the local fresh fruit market.
  •  There is also a small but growing export market for specialty banana such as Lakatan and Senorita.
  • In marketing, the middlemen and traders are the main players in the domestic market
  • The export industry, on the other hand, is in the hands of multi-national companies.
  • The leading importers of Philippine banana are Japan, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.
  • USA is the leading buyer of banana chips from the Philippines.  Other markets are  China, Japan, UK, and Germany.
  • In the countryside, bananas are sold on finger count basis while in the urban areas, these are sold on weight basis
  • Industry Linkages (Forward and Backward)

o   Inputs suppliers (pesticides)

o   Nurseries

o   Processing Facilities fabricators/suppliers

o   Freight / shipping forwarders

o   Packaging materials suppliers



Region 02 as a leading producer and exporter of fresh and processed banana products, contributing towards food security and improvement of the socio-economic status of all stakeholders



  • Isabela and Cagayan are among the top 20 banana producing provinces in the country
  • Isabela and Cagayan are among the top 20 producers of lacatan and saba
  • Province of Isabela has the 3rd highest production of saba



  • Allacapan, Cagayan – 1,200 has.
  • Lasam, Cagayan – 850 has.
  • Rizal, Cagayan – 1,964.44 has.
  • San Pablo, Isabela – 5,000 has.
  • Benito Soliven, Isabela–1,292.4 has.
  • San Mariano, Isabela – 7,394 has
  • San Guillermo, Isabela – 700 has.
  • Jones, Isabela – 2,275 has.
  • San Agustin, Isabela – 1,985.28 has.
  • Aglipay, Quirino – 800 has.
  • Cabarroguis, Quirino –1,556.59 has.
  • Maddela, Quirino – 4,075 has.
  • Nagtipunan, Quirino – 1,700 has.



  • Saba
  • Lakatan
  • Latundan
  • Bungulan