Local Price Coordination Council (LPCC) Chair Governor Marilou H. Cayco supported the Fair Trade Laws (FTL) Enforcement in Batanes.  She expressed her support during the courtesy call on July 31, 2017 made by OIC Provincial Director Marietta B. Salviejo and the Enforcement Team composedof its Team Leader Mr. Lourdito Antonio from DTI Cagayan, members Mr. Elmer A. Agorto from DTI Isabela and Ms. Liz Minerva F. Raterta of DTI Batanes.

The enforcement held on August 2-4, 2017 was conducted in the capital town of Basco to monitor repair shops, wholesalers, retail stores and hardwares. A total of  54 establishments were inspected and no violations of the Fair Trade Laws were found.

The activity was the last leg of the team’s region-wide tour of duty.OIC PD Salviejo expressedgratitude that majority of those monitored and inspected were compliant. This is also a manifestation that the customers has a very high awareness of existing FTLs as a result of DTI’s regular conduct of CEIs and BEIs in the provinces.