Celyne started her RTW (ready-to-wear) trading business in 2003 at the dry goods section of the public market in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.  While selling, she noticed that there are lots of second hand clothing (ukay-ukay) sold at very cheap price, sometimes used as rugs, or sometimes just thrown in the garbage.

 Around that time, the Local Government Unit of Bayombong was implementing Republic Act No. 003, s. 2010, known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act – an act addressing proper wastes disposal as well as regulating the use of plastic bags in the public market.

 Celyne saw this as a good business opportunity. Having a knack and the passion for designing and arts, she lost no time. Celyn started making simple and plain eco-bags out of used cloths and fabrics and sold these with the intent to help minimize the use of plastic bags in the market.

However, the eco bags did not sell much because buyers would not buy eco bags so often. They can re-use a bag they previously bought now and then and these bags could last for years.  She then started making backpacks out of recycled maong pants as these are saleable during class openings.  Then she also diversified to sling bags, sport bags, shoulder bags, wallets, purse, etc.  Seeing that the business was promising, the Department of Trade and Industry offered assistance to upgrade the products and increase productivity.

Celyne’s Creations was awarded a Shared Service Facility for Eco Bag Making.

 In 2017, she joined the Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME) Batch 2.  Celyne said that she decided to attend the Mentor KMME Program because she believed she would learn a lot from the program.  “Before KMME, I do not know the exact meaning of business.  All I know is that I have a product, sell, earn profit and that’s all,” she quipped.

 According to her, this way of thinking changed when she attended the KMME seminars.“Through the OTOP Next Gen ProDev program, I was introduced to new trends and to the latest designs for my products – ranging from bags, pillow cases, purses, etc. My previous

plain designs, were turned into fashionable bags, integrating native weaved cloth, leather and embroidered designs which made my products more attractive and more competitive.  I was also provided a Brand Name – True Blue – which was registered with IPO”.

 With these new products, she became more aggressive and artistic and joined trade fairs from which she generated bulk booked orders.  This, according to her, had been truly a big leap.

“The lessons I learned from the KMME mentoring and coaching sessions boost up my confidence. I was able to successfully defend a project proposal which has been approved for the DOST SET – UP program for the provision of a complete sewing and embroidery machine”.

 Celyne also shared that she now prepares her own financial statement and in fact helps her business friends in the preparation of theirs. She is also an in-demand Trainer on Eco – Bag making in the province.

 “Truly, the KMME has given me so much knowledge, made me courageous and increased my confidence to face life’s challenges. Moreover, it has helped me to harvest the benefits of creating opportunities. “To date, I now do personalized sewing and embroidering - from cloths, to bags, to curtains, to pillow cases or to anything that transforms my PASSION to FASHION,” she proudly said.