Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (formerly called Bottom-up Budgeting) is an approach to preparing the budget proposal of agencies, taking into consideration the development needs of cities/municipalities as identified in their respective local poverty reduction action plans that shall be formulated with strong participation of basic sector organizations and other civil society organizations.

Who are the Players

Oversight Agencies

  1. Department of Budget and Management
  2. Department of Interior and Local Government
  3. National Anti-Poverty Commission
  4. Department of Social Welfare and Development

GPB Participating Agencies

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Agrarian Reform (up to 2015 only)
  3. Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  4. Department of Education
  5. Department of Interior and Local Government
  6. Department of Energy
  7. Department of Health
  8. Department of Labor and Employment
  9. Department of Social Welfare and Development
  10. National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (starting 2016)
  11. National Electrification Administration
  12. PhilHealth (2013 only)
  13. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (starting 2014)
  14. Department of Tourism
  15. Department of Trade and Industry

The Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT is the group which will spearhead the formulation and monitoring of Local Poverty Reduction Activities and Programs. The LPRAT will be led by the Local Chief Executive as Chairperson and a Civil Society Organization (CSO) Representative as Co-Chairperson.

Composition of LPRATs

  • Mayor, Sanggunian Appropriations Committee Chair, local department heads and representatives of NGAs at the city/municipal level (50% of LPRAT members)
  • Representatives of CSOs elected during the CSO assembly + 1 business group representative (50% of LPRAT members)

Note: Elected officials, their immediate relatives (spouse, parent, sibling, child) and LGU employees are ineligible to be elected as CSO representatives

Project Selection

  1. All projects submitted for funding must contribute to the following priorities:
  2. Provision of Basic Social Services and Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals, including poverty reduction
  3. Hunger Mitigation and Elimination
  4. Job Generation and Inclusive Local Economic Development; and
  5. Climate Change Adaptation/ Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness

Provision of Funds

  1. Funding for Grassroots Budgeting projects shall only be released if the LGU achieves the following:
  2. Bronze level Seal of Good Housekeeping under CY 2013
  3. Submission of the PFM Improvement Plan to DBM and accomplishment of the 2014 targets; or undergo the DBM PFM assessment and develop an Improvement Plan, as deemed fit for the LGU.
  4. Required counterpart has been provided in the LGU Annual Budget; and
  5. Submission of proper financial and physical accomplishment reports to the concerned NGAs


List of GPB Beneficiaries 2013 and 2014

List of Established GPB Projects