The Department of Trade and Industry has recently conducted one day Consumer Education and Information (CEI) session to 57 pupils of Valugan Barrio School in San Joaquin, Basco, Batanes on October 15, 2014.

The activity forms part of the Consumer Welfare Month celebration which aims to reach out to elementary pupils and educate them with their basic consumer rights and responsibilities.

Senior trade and industry development specialist, Mr. Jonathan Gato said that, empowering these children with the basic information that they need to know about consumer related concerns will lead to a more dynamic and pro-consumer community.

“It is overwhelming to share and instil in their minds that a well informed and vigilant consumer is a well-protected and empowered consumer”, he added.

Among the topics discussed by Mr. Gato during the session include the 8 basic consumer rights and 5 consumer responsibilities, handling consumer related concerns and importance of being responsible consumers regardless of age.

They were also informed on becoming good stewards of our natural resources and educated with some energy saving tips.

Valugan Barrio School principal Mr. German S. Caccam appreciates the conduct of the session and said that, with the information imparted to their pupils this will surely mould them to become active initiator of positive change in their community as consumers.

This is the first time that a CEI was conducted in Batanes involving elementary school children in their community and another consumer related seminars is set to be conducted before the year ends.