The local government of Basco, Batanes in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) once again showcased the rich cultural heritage of Ivatans as they celebrate this year’s Kulay festival with various cultural presentations, unity dance performances, beauty pageant and display of their best processed and manufactured food products held at the Batanes Provincial Park on April 15-19, 2015.

The five (5) day celebration aims to promote the preserved rich cultural heritage of Batanes and introduce their locally manufactured food products to local and international tourist visiting their province.

For Ivatans, “Kulay” is a native term which means “anything dried” that may imply dried products such as onion, garlic, rice, corn and fish among others, proudly manufactured within their locality.

Batanes Representative, Ms. Heredina R. Abad underscored in her opening message the importance of preserving the rich historical and cultural heritage of Batanes in further promoting the province as one the top tourist destinations in the country.

Ms. Abad also praised participating agencies and Ivatans for their relentless support in making the festival successful and for their continuous support for its sustainability.

Batanes Mayor Demetrius Paul C. Narag, Vice Mayor Anastacia B. Viola and some small, medium enterprises (SMEs) exhibitors were present during the event.

Among the participating SME exhibitors were Pension Ivatan, Koocharan, Octagon Bed and Dine, Batanes State College- Agriculture and HRM Department, Junan Grill and Resto Bar, Side Walk Grill, Batanes Resort, SDC Canteen and Bakeshop, Food Stall and Jino’s Place.

Unity dance performances of young basqueño dancers and National Government Agency heads and representatives were also showcased during the opening program held at the Aquino grandstand.

The annual celebration of the Kulay festival reinvigorates the well preserved culture, traditions, beliefs of Ivatans as well as showcase the best processed food products and beautiful tourist spots in Batanes.