Victoria Abad Kerblat, an Ivatan artist, based in Manila invited the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Batanes to support the promotion of the rich culture and heritage of Batanes dubbed as “Imagining Batanes: A Cultural Showcase” at the Ayala Museum. The Cultural showcase will run from May 12 to May 31, 2015. 

DTI-Batanes Provincial Caretaker, Marietta B. Salviejo committed to support the two-week cultural showcase by sending native Ivatan products like Vakul (a headgear for women), Kanayi (a headgear for men), braided native garlic, Wakay (sweet potato), Yuvok (women’s farm basket), Turmeric or yellow ginger, Kabaya (breadfruit leaves), braided vunes, uve and some Ivatan baskets.

According to Salviejo, supporting the week long cultural showcase will boost the eco-tourism industry in Batanes.

Ms. Salviejo also said that, “With this, we are creating progressive waves in global eco-tourism of Batanes that will greatly help in the realization of inclusive growth for the province.”

The Yaru nu Artes, an association of Ivatan artists will also display their paintings during the cultural showcase.

Abad- Kerblat is a globally known artist whose family is deeply rooted in Batanes. The event was originally intended for the launching of her book entitled ASA KA AWAN DU VATAN (A year in Batanes) in Ayala Museum. However, to further promote her native land, a cultural show was organized.