Members of the Cofcaville Upland Farmers Association during the two day skills training

Two (2) day skills training on Bagasse Based Bio-Organic Fertilizer and Molasses based Fertilizer Making was conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) that benefited the members of the Cofcaville Upland Farmers Association held at the Barangay Hall of Cofcaville in Maddela, Quirinolast April 14-15,2015.

The conduct of the skills training was in response to the need of the association to maximize and efficiently utilize all the resources they used in making muscovado and sugar cane vinegar.

Focus of skills training was on fertilizer making wherein molasses or muscovado is used as primary ingredient and “Bagasse”, dry fibrous matter left after sugar cane are crushed to extract the juice.

Farm Technician of Quirino Provincial Agriculture Office, Mr. Josefino G. Dacumos facilitated the lectures on making natural farming inputs on the first day.

Among the topics covered on making natural farming inputs were on history, uses and benefits to crop and agriculture or biodiversity.

An actual demo on Indigenous Micro-Organisms making which aide in decomposition of Bagasse Based Fertilizer was also conducted through the supervision of Mr. Dacumos.

On the second day, Mr. Dacumos also supervised a whole day actual demonstration in preparing and making natural farm inputs fertilizer.


Alongside with the skills training, a brief Consumer Education Information session was also conducted for the association.