As part of the massive campaign in protecting the welfare of consumers, the Department of Trade and Industry led an early price monitoring on school supplies in various business establishments in the region.

Posters on the suggested retail prices (SRPs) of school supplies were also posted on conspicuous places in various business establishments like bookstores, supermarkets, department stores and wet markets to guide consumers. Qualities of school supplies being sold were also checked.

Radio interviews were also conducted to further disseminate information.

In a radio interview, Mr. Elmer Agorto of DTI-Isabela reminded the consumers to be vigilant in buying their school supplies especially with the proliferation of substandard school supplies in the market. He emphasized the importance of reading the labels when buying notebooks, pad papers, crayons, pencils and ballpens and encouraged consumers with complaints or inquiries to call or visit any nearest DTI Offices in their respective localities.