The DTI is responsible for realizing the country's goal of globally competitive and innovative industry and services sector that contribute to inclusive growth and employment generation.


Pursuant to Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016, we shall endeavor to improve the business environment, increase productivity and efficiency, and enhance consumer welfare. By 2016, the following would have been achieved:


Goal 1 - Improve country's competitiveness. Land in the top one-third ranking (for country's competitive environment for the firms) in major international surveys;

Goal 2 - Generate 4.6M employment from industry and services sector, 2M of which shall come from MSME sector;

Goal 3 - Increase the level of awareness of consumers on their rights and responsibilities from 50% to 80%.


To attain the above-mentioned goals, we need to expand exports, increase investments, develop and promote MSMEs, and enhance consumer welfare and protection. These should be accomplished by the following major final outputs (MFOs):


 MFO 1: Trade and Industry Policy Formulation Services;

 MFO 2: Trade and Investment Promotion Services;

 MFO 3: Technical Advisory Services;

 MFO 4: Consumer Protection Services;

 MFO 5: Business Regulation Services.


In sharing President Benigno S. Aquino III's aspirations, we commit to effect good governance by delivering public service that is predictable, participatory, accountable, efficient, transparent, and honest.