1. Critical Awareness
The responsibility to be more alert and questioning about the use of, and the price and quality of goods and services we use.

2. Action

The responsibility to assert ourselves and act to ensure that we get a fair deal. Remember that as long as we remain passive consumers, we will continue to be exploited.

3. Social Concern
The responsibility to be aware of the impact of our consumption on other citizens, especially the poor, exploited, disadvantaged or powerless groups, whether in the local, national or international community.

4. Environment Awareness
The responsibility to understand the environmental consequences of our consumption. We should recognize our individual and social responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect the earth for future generations.

5. Solidarity
The responsibility to organize together as consumers to develop the strength and influence to promote and protect our interests.

Source: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities Booklet published by National Consumer Affairs Council (NCAC)