Who can apply for a Sales Promo Permit?


Business Establishments



What are the requirements in applying the service?


For Original Applications

1.    Duly accomplished Sales Promotion Application Form for Discount Scheme

2.    List of products/items covered by Discount indicating the following information:

a.    Product brand, model, sizes in metric

b.    Regular price of the product

c.    Discounted price of the product

d.    Discount of discount of the product

3.    List of participating outlets/branches

4.    Complete mechanics of the promotion

5.    Copy of all text replies (applicable for text base discount scheme)

6.    Any form ofadvertising materials to announce the promotion. At least one ad material shall contain the complete mechanics, duration, coverage, and per DTI _____ Permit # _____, Series of ______.

7.    Registration Requirements such as Certificate of product registration for food, drug, cosmetics and Philippine Standard (PS) Mark of Certificate or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) for appliances, and others (if applicable)

8.    Agreement with participating outlets  (if applicable)

9.    Letter of Agreement with Telecommunication Companies (Applicable for text base discount scheme)

10.  National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) Registration for new content providers (Applicable for text base discount scheme)

11.  Waiver (in case the text based promotion is found to be a form of wagering or gambling, the company is willing to submit to the rules and regulations of the proper government agency)


For Changes/ Amendments

1.    Letter request for amendments/ changes/ extension of promo duration.

Note: Discount/price reduction scheme promo duration shall not exceed three (3). If duration is less than three (3) months, it may be extended but original promo period plus extension

2.    For additional participating branches, submit list of additional branches

3.    Agreement with additional participating outlets (if applicable)

4.    For additional participating products, submit list of additional products indicating information listed in Letter A (item no. 2)

5.    Registration requirements for the additional participating products (if applicable)

6.    For additional advertising materials, submit copy of materials

7.    For additional Telecommunication Companies, copy of Letter of Agreement with Telecommunication Companies and copy of all text replies

8.    Copy of announcement on all changes such as duration, additional participating outlets and or additional participating products with fact of approval (all items with changes to be marked with *) and “*Approved by DTI ____” must be indicated to sow that all changes were approved by the concerned DTI Regional or Provincial Office (RO/PO). Note: Changes must not be implemented unless approval is issued by the concerned DTI RO/PO.



What are the fees in applying for a Sales Promo Permit?


Geographical Coverage

Application Fee

National Capital Region (NCR) only or in several regions including Metro Manila or nationwide

P 1,000

More than one region but excluding Metro Manila

P 750

Several provinces/ cities/ municipalities within a single region


Single province/city/municipality



For extension and other changes requiring re-evaluation

P 300



How long is the processing time?


1 (One) hour from receipt of duly accomplished Application Form together with the required supporting documents


What are the steps in availing the service?


Step No.

Client’s Step

Agency’s Action

Person in Charge

Office Location


Secure Application Form

Provide Application Form

Sales Promo Evaluator



Fill out Application Form and proceed to Sales Promo (SP) Waiting Area

Call applicant on first-come first-serve basis

Sales Promo Evaluator



Submit duly accomplished Application Form and supporting documents

a.  Receive and evaluate Application Form

b.  Prepare Order of Payment

c.  Return the Application Form together with the Order of Payment to the applicant




Present Application together with the Order of Payment and pay application fee

a.  Receive payment and issue OR



b.  Encode the information in Sales Promo Permit Logbook and assign sales promo permit number to the application

c.  Prepare Sales Promo Permit for approval

d.  Approve Sales Promo Permit

Cashier/ Special Collecting Officer (SCO)

Sales Promo Evaluator


Sales Promo Evaluator

Provincial Director/ Authorized Signatory



Claim Sales Promotion Permit

Release the Sales Promo Permit/ Letter of Approval

Sales Promo Evaluator




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