The municipalities of Kayapa, Aritao and Diadi became the first partners of the Department of Trade & Industry Region 02 in the implementation of its I-MOVERS Project in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya.


I-MOVERS stands for Improved Market Operations for Vigilant, Efficient and Responsive Service. As the program title implies, it seeks to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of major public markets in the Province of Nueva Vizcaya to consumer needs and concerns. 


Mayor Lucita Tan of Aritao, Mayor Norma Miguel of Diadi and Kagawad Dewey Balaswit representing Mayor John Balasya of Kayapa lauded DTI for initiating the I-MOVERS Program in their respective municipalities. In her message during the launching program held June 9, Mayor Tan of Aritao said: “All that is expected from an I-MOVERS Public Market are really very basic requirements of an efficient and consumer responsive and friendly public market.”


An I-MOVERS Public Market is expected to be a Green Market, an Honest Market, a Consumer Friendly Market, a Fair Trade Law Compliant Market and a market with Well-Informed Consumers. 


As a Green Market, it should practice proper solid waste management and the 5-S of Good Housekeeping. This means that the practice of sorting, orderliness, cleanliness, standardization and sustained discipline is being followed.


As an Honest Market, it should give consumers best value for their money. A Consumer Friendly Market should have a Consumer Welfare Desk where consumers can lodge their complaints. It should also be able to assure consumers that the products sold are safe, of good quality and are priced reasonable. They should also have clean rest rooms with adequate supply of water.


Relative to this, an I-MOVERS market should be compliant to Fair Trade Laws and other existing and related government laws and ordinances, both national and local. It also carries out regular Consumer Education and Information and advocacy knowing full well that a well-informed consumer is the best protected consumer. 


To boost DTI’s campaign for the I-MOVERS Program, it provided the Public Markets of Kayapa, Aritao and Diadi with a Timbangan ng Bayan. The Timbangan ng Bayan has a 10 kilogram capacity and a calibration certificate. It is encased in a cabinet type housing coated with an anti-rust paint. It’s presence in the public market will assure that consumers are getting the best value of their money.